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About Us

We have come to realize the impact LA ACADEMIA has on society, helping children excel and preparing them for a better and brighter future. And we assume that responsibility by making it our quest to promote good health, strong families and positive early learning development for all children. Thus, continually making a difference.

We achieve this by being committed to our mission:

Satisfying and delighting our customers on a daily basis

Continuing to provide market-leading programs

SLa Academiaporting team-member happiness and excellence by creating an empowering work environment

Caring about our local community



Parent-Baby Gymnastics -     9:00am - 03:30 pm

Pre-Sport  -       3:30pm - 5:30pm

Gymnastics    5:30pm - 7:30pm



Gymnastics    9:00 - 12.00pm




Calle 93B No. 18-62

Tel: 571- 218 7497
Tel: 571-691-2416

Mobile: 316 4109806

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