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Parent-Baby Gymnastics
(4 months-2 years)

MatroGymnastics comes from the Greek word "Matro" which means mother, and "Gymnastics" meaning exercise.

In this stage, both mother or caregiver and child perform the workout routine together, where the mother helps the child execute the movements. Thus, providing the first steps towards a stronger, more secure and independent physical and cognitive development achieving the 1st Attention Level.

4-6 months

This is the perfect time to start moving.
At this early stage baby’s brain undergo tremendous changes. We should take advantage of this situation and begin sensorial training, which is the basis for a great body, brain and emotional cognitive development.
Our course consists in guiding the care taker and his/her baby to perform strength, attention, reflex and sensorial development exercises. These are done while establishing a fantastic bond between baby and parent; building La Academia a beautiful, trustworthy and joy full relationship.
6-8 months

At this stage, together with the strengthening of the baby comes their desire to explore.
We guide the parent on how to increase the baby’s ability to control his/her body and we focus all our efforts introducing the first crawling stages to our baby. Crawling plays a very important part in our brain, both physically and mentally. Hence the brain starts working with both sides of the hemisphere at the same time and our eye vision starts really focusing on the spots we target with our hand; increasing our attention levels. The care taker will be guided to work on strength, coordination, tumbling and swinging exercises. We will see sweet smiles coming out of our babies.
8-12 months

At this point babies feel their time to explore is in its greatest stage. Together with the care taker we work on the basic steps to be able to walk. Starting with new warming La Academia exercises every session, gradually climbing La Academia hill to get stronger, coming down hill to start gaining control of the baby’s body, different tumbling exercises and basic little jumps; our babies begin to gain self confidence acquiring the tools to get into a new more independent chapter in these early stages of their life.
12-18 months

We can see and feel that our baby is stronger, faster and more stable in every possible way. Our baby is full of energy and we should take full advantage of this new stage in their life. We guide parents to start giving different kinds of instructions, while practicing balance beam, running, ball focusing, strength and long swinging exercises. By working in these different tasks your baby will start to gradually increase his/her attention and comprehension. Bit by bit you’ll see your little baby becoming much more mature making you even prouder than you were before.

18 – 24 Months old

This is a lovely stage of our baby’s life. They start imitating us parents! They begin babbling and trying to repeat words and become much more clever and interested. This allows us to guide parents and their babies to start practicing color and shape classification, attention and concentration games. Then we introduce more difficult tumbling, swinging, suspension with bars games and lots of running and jumping. We as parents will notice our babies being able to follow instructions better and faster, we will notice their attention will expand; therefore, they will be able to concentrate for longer times in the different tasks. As a result, they will achieve their goals faster and easier.




Parent-Baby Gymnastics -     9:00am - 03:30 pm

Pre-Sport  -       3:30pm - 5:30pm

Gymnastics    5:30pm - 7:30pm



Gymnastics    9:00 - 12.00pm




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